“Upon meeting Clarence for the first time, you could easily be intimidated: his presence is commanding and his physical stature is impressive. But within minutes you’re put to ease by a person who is humble, down to earth, funny, respectful and hard working. I’ve never seen someone so adept at transitioning from training world class competitive athletes who are looking to break records and increase their performance, to someone who is trying for the first time to get started on a healthy workout routine. Clarence is passionate about helping people reach new heights of optimal performance; which–to him- encompasses more than merely looking physically fit. I started training with Clarence when I was approaching my 30th birthday. I wanted to look and feel my best, but sitting at a desk for 12 hours a day had caused me to slip into some unhealthy habits. I was feeling sluggish and out of shape. Clarence focused on training me like an athlete–so that I would feel better, run faster, be stronger. He focused on functional movements, speed drills and lifting heavier weights than I ever had before. I noticed my body transforming in ways I never thought possible, I had more energy than ever before and felt amazing. Feeling strong, lean and healthy translated to other areas of my life in terms of my mental focus, determination and confidence. Its not easy to change your body and your habits, but Clarence makes that process fun and inspiring. I would recommend training with Clarence Howard to anyone who is seeking to obtain optimal health and physical performance.”
Emily R. Ghosh, MBA